Scisson Expresso Truck

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Humming Bird Island Cuisine

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


The Thai Guy presents the first gourmet food truck to Delaware!

​Zagat's Top 10 reasons to come to Delaware

Blending Thai, Korean, and Hawaiian all together for a power pack flavor for your mouth!

Mojo Loco

Chef Steve Ruiz has finally ventured out on his own. Mojo Loco is the culmination of his passion for food which started in Rehoboth Beach in 1995. Chef Steve has worked all over the country including Tampa, Florida, Telluride, Colorado, and Anchorage, Alaska, utilizing local customs and techniques to develop his craft. He has experimented with various cuisines throughout his career, but finds his greatest inspiration from creating innovative, farm fresh dishes while supporting local farmers and

Outlandish Food Truck

Chef Melissa hits the street with her exotic French style cuisine!   Make sure you try her Outlandwich and Gourment Chicken and Waffles!


Cajun-Sno, New Orleans Style Snoballs is a new local business! Our bright yellow food truck offers customers of all ages a delicious treat of snoballs!

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Koi On the GO

Remarkable Fish Tacos with exotic flavors has arrived in the form of Wilmington’s first food truck. The menu is unique, the presentation is gorgeous, and the meals that come out of this truck are truly snapshot worthy. They taste every bit as good as they look! The secret is fresh from the farmer’s market fish and produce and the result is tasty fish dishes on the go.

Pizza Pronto

1000 Degree Brick Oven Pizza at your service!

Delaware Provision Co.

Premium Catering Services, Quaility Meats and Provisions, Homemade Kielbasa

Unc John's BBQ

Uncle John's serves award winning ribs, brisket, and all around great BBQ.

Sweet Josephine's

If you think it, I'll create it! Sweet Josephines specializes in custom cakes and cupcakes as well as many other delicious treats.


We are a small neighborhood salumi shop and delicatessen. Everything from the salumi to the meatballs is made in house and from scratch. We believe that better tasting food is made from fresh and local ingredients

I Don't Give A Fork

Owner: Leigh Ann Tona
Her Truck: I Don't Give a Fork is a Delaware food truck that serves all things sandwiches! They've been in business since September 2012 after the idea was conceived in a classroom at the University of Delaware. They roll from events to festivals serving no utensil items like their famous "Mac & Cheesesteak," Philly steak, grilled onions and mac & cheese mixed in, and their "crack fries" which are topped with secret seasoning and served with a side of ranch.

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